Cleansing, Blogging and New Years Resolutions in Late January

A lot of the time we, I, get so hung up on following someone's life on Instagram, blogs, twitter or a favorite celebrity, anything really, that we forget what Real life looks like. It's not perfect. We are all flawed. Yes, even those that look flawless are not. I think that's why this campaign is so brilliant. It shows life, REAL life.

One of my New Years Resolutions was to blog and share more. And yet, somehow it's already January 27th and this is the first time I have sat down to write something.

Why, you might ask? I don't have the answer to that. Fear I guess? But what am I afraid of? Again, I'm not sure.

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Cleansing Day 1

I have done a few  3-day cleanses in the past. My first experience was Blue Print Cleanse. Followed a year or so later with the Rainbow cleanse from Moon Juice. And the last one was about 6 months ago, from Kreation Kafe. The first time I did a juice cleanse, I found it extremely difficult, but so worth it. And with each subsequent cleanse, it's gotten easier and more pleasant. So I am excited to do it once again.

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BluePrint Cleanse

I have never been a proponent of detoxing your body in extreme ways. I am a firm believer that your body was made to naturally detox. I am a runner and avid outdoors girl and I believe that all the good fresh produce I eat, the nearly 120 ounces of water I drink and my daily sweat is about all I need to detox. Though back when I was bartending in Hollywood, about 5 years ago, I did try the Master Cleanse. It was the most awful experience. I was so sick, I had to be sent home from work on the second day. It was supposed to last for 7 days. That didn't happen. I vowed to never do a juice cleanse again!

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