BluePrint Cleanse

I have never been a proponent of detoxing your body in extreme ways. I am a firm believer that your body was made to naturally detox. I am a runner and avid outdoors girl and I believe that all the good fresh produce I eat, the nearly 120 ounces of water I drink and my daily sweat is about all I need to detox. Though back when I was bartending in Hollywood, about 5 years ago, I did try the Master Cleanse. It was the most awful experience. I was so sick, I had to be sent home from work on the second day. It was supposed to last for 7 days. That didn't happen. I vowed to never do a juice cleanse again!

I mean I usually have a hard time just detoxing from coffee. The headaches can be debilitating.

So, why on earth would I want to try it again?

I heard about it the Blue Print Cleanse around the New Year and when one of my favorite bloggers, Joy the Baker, did a post on it, it made me realize if a foodie like her can do it, I can too!  And on top of all the rave reviews it got, the website and everything is very well designed. So I HAD to try it. And it's only 3 days. No problem.

I have to say the "pre" cleanse diet is not great. They say to start 3 days prior to your cleanse, gradually cutting down and out things like coffee, wine and meat. And the day before the cleanse they give you a sample meal, basically, fruit for breakfast and lunch and for dinner low sodium veggie broth and raw veggies. Have you have ever had low-sodium veggie broth? No? Don't!  It's disgusting. Even the smell of it made me want to throw it down the drain.

So, I ended up not eating too much other than a few veggies and some fruit the last day before the cleanse. I was hungry, but I have to say it's not as bad as I would have thought and it actually made me look forward to the Juice the next day. Anything had to be better than that broth. Also, it made me realize how much food I eat and how little I really do need to eat. I mean I am eating less than half of what I was on a normal basis and can sustain just fine.

So, THIS is how the models do it. No wonder they always look pissed ;)

On a good note, I found this great purple bell pepper to put in my salad yesterday. Somehow eating gorgeous food does make a salad with no dressing more appealing :)

Anyhow. I am just starting Day 1 today. I will give my progress report soon.

Wish me luck.