Herb of the Week #11 :: Eleuthero

I'm not sure about you, but I have started looking ahead at this year, making travel and work plans, and boy, it's filling up FAST! It's not even March yet! Whew! Additionally, I am studying to take a board exam in nutrition, that is totally optional, but being the type A personality that I am, if it's out there and I can... I must and I will. So... I am definitely feeling the pressure lately. On top of that I recently started upping my workout game a little. Before I get into that, I feel I have to share a brief history of why I took a break from working out, cause I am one of those weirdos that LOVES to workout and sweat. Back in the day, I used to be a high preforming, award-winning athlete through college, from high school volleyball where I made all-conference and represent Southern California in Amsterdam for an international conference to varsity crew at Georgetown and winning the big-east as a freshman.

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