A Runner's Manifesto

It's been a while since I have been back, I have been doing some major work on my running. I finally nursed a hip injury that I sustained back in September last year when I was marathon training for New York. With a lot of work and some physical therapy, it's finally better. So naturally I signed up for another race. This time it's my first half marathon, the Long Beach in October. I have a goal of making it in under 2 hours, so I have been doing a lot of strength training and speed work. So far I have hit all my time goals on every run. I have been feeling great getting back into it, as scared as I was that I lost is all after the injury and months off of the pavement. But I haven't! I am elated!

In honor of all the great running I have been up to and to anyone who's nursing an injury right now, keep your head up, you'll be back soon!

I recently read a post by Dorothy Beal about “what running has made me believe.” It was beautiful. So inspirational, that I decided to write my very own list of “what running has made ME believe.” Here’s my list:

1. I believe you never underestimate the power of a run. You will never feel worse for doing it!

2. I believe that the starting is always the hardest.

3. I believe that anyone, including myself, can get faster.

4. I believe it’s not easy but it’s more than worth it.

5. I believe that everyone can be a runner.

6. I believe that it’s the best therapy out there and free.

7. I believe that proper running shoes are a must.

8. I believe that you have to be kind to you body, slow runs are good runs too.

9. I believe that marathon training and racing will change who you are.

10. I believe that endorphins are the best high you can get and it’s free, and yes, addictive.

11. I believe that everyday deserves some good sweating.

12. I believe that it’s okay to run and cry at the same time.

13. I believe in believing in yourself.

14. I believe that nothing good comes from standing in the comfort zone.

15. I believe that the proper sports bra will make you run better.

16. I believe that running is living.

Anyone have any good races on the calendar?

Image from my instagram