Runner/Cyclist vs Car

Runner's World is a great resource of mine. Especially while I am recovering from some knee and heal injuries. Today, I ran across this on their site, and despite it being a cycling graphic, I thought it was great for anyone who out exercising among those in their automobiles. And while I would love to write a commentary on the fight between car and bike, I will restrain myself with only one comment: Person in the car, we are not looking for a fight. You are in a car, we are on a bike. You WILL WIN. And thought that might sound nice at first, it won't be for you, your drivers license or your insurance. Just keep that in mind, next time you want to hit one of us, cyclist or runner.

These are some great ideas and alternatives to my standard "give 'em the ole bird." My personal two favorites are starred. I might actually try the "call me" one, just to see what they do.

What do you do when confronted with a rude driver? Have any other great ideas? Happy Sweating.