A Study in California Job Cases & Letterpress

Hip Hip Horray! I am a student once again. Well, Ok. It's Continuing Ed school. But it IS at Otis! So there's that. I signed up a few weeks ago for my first letterpress class. So every Thursday night for the next 10 weeks I will be glued to the Vandercook. I am super excited. Not only to get crafty once again and design with my hands, but also to get to know all my fellow students and one of the worlds best printers out there, my professor Gerald Lange. Who teaches with type nearly everywhere, Art Center, USC, Otis, and more! He's truly amazing. And if you don't believe me, just Google history of letterpress and you will find his name on the Wikipedia page. Yey. Pretty cool. So now for the hardest part, our one and only test. It's already next week. And we have to memorize stuff. MEMORIZE. Yikes. Welcome back to high school. Huh. And since I am very aware I have always been a hands on/visual learner, I thought I would take it to the computer and lay it all out myself in Illustrator and try to start learning that way. Set in my own cool type and all. So now that I am started back on the path to edumacation, here's my work of art. Ha!

Oh, and if you are a letterpresser, and have any tips on it in general or even how to memorize this freakin' case, please do share. Happy Friday!