Moving State Lines

Three, almost four months ago, I made a few resolutions, as did a lot of us, right?

And I stand here now, contemplating those goals and where they went. Some I’ve followed though on and then of course, some not so much.

This blog has definitely fallen in the latter category. Sometimes when we want something to be perfect it paralyzes us to the point of doing absolutely nothing. So, it's time to suck it up, know it's alright if it's not perfect, and just do it!

So onward we go!

Those of you that know me, know that I moved this past month. Not across the street or down the block. But across state lines. From Los Angeles, California to Denver, Colorado. The move for for my husband's job. But it’s the most significant move of my life, outside of moving away for college.

The past few weeks since we’ve moved have been challenging for me, to say the least. It’s been a complete role reversal for Russ and myself. I went from riding my bike into Santa Monica for work every day, while Russ worked from home and took care of our little one… Bodee (the not-so-little-pup). And now, it’s my turn to work from home and walk the dog while Russ commutes to work.

When I left my comfy job and city not too far from where I grew up, I was asked often to post updates on Facebook for everyone to follow along. There was just one problem with that: I don’t have a Facebook account. Sure I DID a long time ago from about 2004 to 2010. But I felt like it got out of control and I decided to step away. Let me tell you, you find out who your Real Friends are when you quit Facebook. And yes, it’s been harder to stay in touch with many, but I have found that my relationships with the ones that I do stay in touch with are that much more meaningful.

The point. I HAVE to blog more. It will be my way to stay in touch with many and maybe even more so, it may be a bit of therapy for me on what it's like being a stranger in this strange town. This new beginning.

So for today, I wanted to share the beginning of our move. Though we hired movers to do most of the dirty work, we did decide to drive the car out and enjoy a bit of a mini-road-trip. Here's a recap of the fun and beautiful 3-day journey.

This is where Russ and I first moved in together 3 years ago, in sunny L.A. And gonna miss this view, and this one and this one.

Packing up. And someone's NOT so thrilled about it.

Hitting the road, early on Saturday morning. Again... someone's a little worried about this situation here... hmmmm.

We have HOW MANY miles in front of us today?

This view makes it all O.K.

And our first stop. Utah. You. Are. Gorgeous.

Day 2 on the road. Only one word needed: ZION.

Snow? Who cares?!?! You make it even more magical.

The Troopers first snow!

Just a few of the cool signage along the way.

Day Two ended in Beaver Creek, CO. But come Monday morning, this is the amazing view! Swim anyone? Don't worry it's only 17 degrees out!

And we're off on our last short leg to Denver. This road trip has left me breathless. America, Well Done. Well done, I say.

And we pull up on our street.

And the goal, our cute little house.

Note: sadly, my good Nikon camera got packed up, so I took all these photos on my wonderful iPhone.