Part 1: Holidays in Japan, Tokyo

Happy 2013! Just 3 days ago I got back from my trip to Japan. And one of my resolutions is to blog at least once a week. My pictures alone will take me through the middle of the year I think! Ha! Hopefully not, for everyone sake.

So here's part one, day 1. It was a long day being that we flew out of LAX at midnight and got in after a 12 hour flight to Tokyo at 5am the following day (missed all of Dec 20th, so bizarre). Then in an attempt to stay awake, we wandered around the city, just soaking it all in. Looking back, we did so much that first day!

Starting before the flight with some beautiful bills from the bank-o!

Seeing double arriving in Tokyo airport at 5am.

Off to a good start, even the airport signs are designed nicely.

And this maybe TMI, but toilet seats that stay warm (it was SO cold there, so appreciated that one). And directions and features as well! Spray! Yikes! And those icons, hilarious.


Right across from our hotel we stumbled upon our first shrine, the Kumano Shrine. And some gorgeous Olympic posters, plastered all over the city.

Then it was off to a find some lunch. We settled for nothing but the best, a small little off the grid corner noodle shop in the Golden Gai district of Shinjuku. Amazing! There were only 7 seats and I was the only female. The other men were nearly all in suits, I propose on there way to work as it was still 9am in the morning. They would come and go faster than it took us to order our soba. Fastest I've ever tried to eat a bowl of soba in my life, and most delicious as well. Worth it.

A crazy circular intersection of street lights. And some Love.

Then we found our way across the city to the Park Hyatt Tokyo (think Lost in Translation) and to my surprise sadly renovated. Though still fun, with gorgeous views and great illustrations.

The views from the top of the Park Hyatt Tokyo.

And as we continued on our jont we ran into a fish tank, just on the street outside a restaurant. I mean how could I NOT take a snap of this. Fresh fish fillet anyone?!?

And drink vending machines everywhere, of course with beer! Cold Sapporo to go anyone? Yes, Please.

Then into Yoyogi park, massive and beautiful.

Some funny signs.

It wasn't quite the year of the snake yet, but now it is!

And finally, to our room with a view to call it an early night. Funny how much you can do when you start exploring a city around 6am!

Next post, day 2-3 to come soon! Stay tuned...