A BIG September Birthday... the 30th!

Hey there again! It's been a busy BUSY few weeks. It started with a crazy labor day. An unexpectedly fun weekend. Oh, let me start with the small fact that I turned 30th, yep, 30, this month, actually on the 12th. So it's official, I am in a totally new decade.

Back to labor Day weekend. I have been trying to clear up my skin the last few months and have been seeing this amazing woman in Hollywood every few weeks. So, after my bi-monthly facial on Saturday, I came home to my apartment filled with all my favorite people, parents, etc. So much fun, even if it was after my facial! My first surprise party, wish I could have this every year, then I guess it wouldn't be a a surprise, huh?

Then a few days later, the day before my birthday my beau got us tickets to see Mr. Conan O'Brian live. The guests were Eva Longoria, so adorable and tiny, and James Marsden. Too much fun as well!

And to top it all off my love surprised me... Again, with a special dinner at Scarpetta, at their very own Chef's Table! It was a 7 course tasting menu, with a few extra courses thrown in there just cause they liked us so much. Additionally we hada a wine pairing with each course. Total gultons and amazingness. My favorite thing that night was hearing them say "Fire the Octo!" to get that delicious octopus on the grill. Let's just say we waddled out of that place happy campers.

Now just walk around the apartment and yell that out every now and then! :) Must be the thirties already making me loco.

There were so many other surprises and fun times, with wo-workers and more, I don't even have room to mention. It was a pleasantly overwhelming and positive way to turn into a new decade. I hear their the best anyways! 30's here we go!

Recap on the 30 before 30 list to come! :)