Friday: Moving Day

So, I knew blogging would not be easy, and it would invariably take up a bit of time. but what I didn't know was exactly how long my motivation would last. I was determined to write a post on something design related by Wednesday (two days ago), obviously that did not happen. It seems a little more difficult to write a blog on design. Why is it so much easier for me to write about running than on what I do day in and day out? I finally came to the recognition that I was fearful of other designers and creative types judging me, criticizing me. Running is just a hobby, I am not aiming at being the best, it wouldn't be possible. I am fine with that. But design, that's my bread and butter. Here I feel like I might I might actually have something to lose. What if people find out I know nothing about design or even worse, have poor taste? Then what? What am I to do? How will I pay my rent?

Then I realized something else. I am putting WAY to much pressure on myself. I set out for this blog to be an experiment. Something fun and meaningful to me and hopefully others. So, I will stop procrastinating (aka going on a run, HA!) and continue writing and sharing what I can.

Now, onto my first, design blog post. I decided it only fitting to write about my morning.

See, this morning was not like any other morning. Today, was the first day of a four day weekend. That's right. You heard me. It's okay to be a little envious. I know I would be. The reason being that the company I work for, to remain nameless for now, is moving our offices from Culver City to El Segundo. So, starting on Tuesday, I will be commuting to the South Bay. I am a little sad about that. Our offices have been in Culver City for 10 years. I loved it there. I could ride my bike to work, only 7 miles one way. I could go on my lunch runs and stumble upon a past Cougar Town filming (yes, I admit it, I watch it and I love it). I loved the restaurants, Ford's Filling Station, Tender Greens and Father's Office. But I look forward to working in a new space with new energy and life. Discovering a new city and finding new biking and running routes. And of course there is always the beach. That's always a bummer. NOT!

So, on my day off I took advantage. I didn't sleep in. I woke up earlier that I would if I were going into work,(sick, I know, I am nuts like that). I even battled the Westside to Eastside commute. But it was worth it. My journey ended up with me at the 4th Creative Morning's LA meetings at Ford & Ching's (top picture below) in Chinatown. What a brilliant way to spend a morning.

Andrew Gibbs, of the, was the guest of honor. What a down-to-earth young man. And so talented. I was delighted. A true treat.

Here's a glimpse at my morning adventures and sights.