It's 2011 and about that time!

An Introduction: My name is Yvonne Montoya and I am a Graphic/Web Designer, and Running Fool, in based in Los Angeles.

Like many of us habitual (and non) blog readers, starting my own blog has been on my mind for quite sometime. So, I think it's about time I start in on it in the ripe beginnings of 2011. After years of thoughtful consideration of what I could possibly say that would be of any consequence, I believe I finally have an generally guided idea of what it will be. And rather than sit on my butt any further, it needs to be set free to be whatever it will become. The fear of failure and disappointment that I have needs to be squashed. It is the New Year after all, even though I am sure everyone is sick of hearing that, already 5 days into 2011. Am I right?

I don't want to make any grand and specific gestures as to what this blog will contain in specifics, I want it to have some freedom to organically mold itself as it will. However, I will tell you that it will have elements from all things that are important in my life: • Sports, fitness and health, including training for races (mostly marathons and triathlons). Running is my first love, but I also love to play tennis, golf, hike, bike, swim, you name it really, as long as it's outdoors and not in a gym. • Design, mostly graphic because it's what I do 12 hours a day, but also fashion, after all I am only a girl. • Food, let's be honest, this is why I started running in the first place, oddly enough now I eat to maintain the energy to be active and run the miles I do every week. Lucky me! • Music, this takes me from one place to the other in my life and I could not breath without my headphones, my friends will attest to that. I plan to share my running playlists and new music discoveries.


1 - 1st Place Big East Medal, Novice Women‘s Open Weight Crew, Georgetown University, 2000

2 - 1st Marathon, Rock N Roll San Diego, 2009, 4:34:21

3 - 2nd Marathon, LA Marathon, 2010, 4:38:32

4 - 1st Triathlon, Nautica Malibu International, Olympic Distance, 3:19:04 overall, 41:47 swim, 1:32:46 bike, 54:20 run.

5 - New Jersey Shore Marathon, I ran the last 10 miles to help my Georegtown senior year roommate , Jessie, finish her first marathon, she ran a 3:56:13, 2004

6 - Baby Shower invitation that my deisgner friend Tara designed herself for her first baby! Yey!

7 - Rifle Paper Co. Monogramed Card, a gift I gave my mom for a Christmas stocking stuffer.