Sprint 6-Week Sports Nutrition Package


Sprint 6-Week Sports Nutrition Package


Did you just sign up for your first 5k, marathon, triathalon, or bike race? Or maybe you need some fine-tuning to set a PR? Being an athlete can put a lot of physical and mental stress on the body. This often leads to digestive issues, food cravings, fatigue, hormone imbalance and anxiety. And this can stand in the way of achieving our goals. Simply signing up for the race and finishing it doesn't always make us a healthier human. In fact, if not done the right way this can actually make us less healthy and cause injury and inflammation.

In this 6-week package we will discover tools for increasing your energy, how to combat inflammation, properly hydrating, training at your peak, as well as myths around things like injury recovery and carb loading. You can be the most talented athlete out there but if you don't address proper nutrition how would you ever know? 

You'll Receive:

  • Initial Consultation/In-depth Health History – 60 minutes
  • 2 Follow-up Sessions – 30 minutes each session
  • Choice of one of the  following: grocery store tour, kitchen cabinet clean out or in-home cooking session
  • Full nutritional assessment and individual recommendations
  • 3-day personalized meal-plan and recipes
  • Sport Nutrition and Training Manual
  • Relevant educational handouts
  • Unlimited email support between sessions

Investment $450 (a $525 value)

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