Comfort Food Made Easy & Nourishing - A Cooking Class


Comfort Food Made Easy & Nourishing - A Cooking Class


Personal chef Charity and I will be teaching and cooking all about transforming your favorite comfort foods for Fall into easy and nutritious meals everyone will enjoy.

What you can expect:

  • Charity will be doing live cooking demos where everyone can get involved if they choose.

  • Yvonne will be providing nutritional information on how to make your favorite foods nutrient-dense while still being delicious.

  • We will also be making a homemade spice blend everyone can take home.

  • Once we cook our food we will all sit down together to enjoy the wonderful company and meal.

  • Leftovers will be yours to take home!

  • Lots of fun, wine, homemade kombucha, tea, good food and great conversations!

This will be an intimate gathering at a private home, so we are limiting the event to 10 guests. Book your seat at the table sooner than later!

$65 per person

Location: Denver, CO (the specific address will be emailed once you register).

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