5-Day Fall Detox & Wellness Reset 2019 :: Live Online Community Cleanse


5-Day Fall Detox & Wellness Reset 2019 :: Live Online Community Cleanse

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This is a 5-day Live Online Community Cleanse with Yvonne Matthews, certified holistic nutritionist, herbalist and wellness advisor starting on Monday, September 30th, 2019.

It’s called the Fall Detox & Wellness Reset is because this is not your typical cleanse. This is a gentle and effective cleanse with NO RESTRICTION! You will be eating real whole food, no strict juicing or soups only, no starvation, just wholesome real food that nourishes. Fall is a time to transition from Summer to Winter, clear toxins, encourage optimal digestion, a healthy liver and immune system, a clear, calm mind going into a time of cold weather and shorter days and the holidays.

You’ll receive all the tools you need to prepare for these 5 days and do so with success in a welcoming and supportive private group. There will be 3 live 30-minute long webinars (recorded for those that can’t make it), daily emails and check-ins on our private Facebook group. We will be talking all about the “diet” culture and why I think we need to redefine that word, liver detoxification, hormone balance, mindful and intuitive eating, why seasonal eating is important and how habits no matter how small can really add up!

Plus, you’ll get the New ND Fall Detox Handbook (50+ pages) that provides you with everything you need to successfully complete this week-long reset, including:

• Daily menu ideas and meal plans

• Simple and delicious recipes

• Reusable Printable Grocery Shopping List and Weekly Menu Planner

• How to develop daily rituals vs. routines that set you up for success

• Daily meditations and journal prompt

• Self-care tips & tricks to help eliminate stress from your life

• How to still have your social life and eat out at restaurants while detoxing

This anti-inflammatory week long reset will boost your immune system, relieve anxiety and rebalance your entire body, mind and spirit.

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