So you're interested in learning more about what you can do to support your optimal health and wellbeing? Awesome! Whether you have an event coming up, like a wedding, reunion, marathon or triathlon, or just simply are tired of not feeling your absolute best, I've got you covered! We'll work together on your whole self. We will get to the root of any health issues that you might have, optimize your digestion and nutrient absorption (don't worry, sounds technical but I will walk you through it step-by-step), as well as identify some self-care tools to support your best life.

Check out a few of the more popular services I offer below...

Free Consultation

Do you have some questions? I bet! Let’s jump on the phone for a free 15-minute consultation where we'll discuss what you can expect if we work together and what an individual health and wellness plan might look like, tailored to your health concerns and goals.


General Wellness Packages

Are you struggling with adrenal fatigue, anxiety, depression, addiction or weight loss? Literally sick and tired? Just wanting to feel like yourself again? These one-on-one packages are designed to help you feel like your best self. Whether you need a quick refresh with the 6-week package or a little more in depth lifestyle shift with the 3-month package, I've got you covered. Together we will work on your health in all areas, not just nutrition and herbal medicine, but mental and emotional wellbeing, fitness and more. I will tailor a program for your needs and wants.

Sports Nutrition Packages

Are you training for your first race? Or are you a hard core athlete that's feeling stuck and wanting to set a personal record (PR). These one-on-one packages are designed to help you train, race and recover at your peak performance.  Whether you are running your first 5k or 10k or trying to PR in a race you might want to try the 6-week package. Are you running your first half or full marathon, or trying to PR in a triathlon? Try the 3-month package. Together we will dial in your nutrition and health in a holistic way. We'll cover your nutrition as well as your health on a higher level so you don't deplete yourself with your training, have your best race and recover in a nourishing and replenishing way. I will build a powerful program just for your needs and wants.

Corporate & Wellness Workshops

Wellness workshops and series are perfect ways to get a good foundation of nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle in a fun and easy way. These are great for corporations, start-ups or any group looking to optimize energy and create a happy and balanced lifestyle for all. Let's talk about how we can personalize a session or series for exactly what you need!